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Kimber and Sophie, Vintage Texas Wedding

We have a tale as old as time. A tale that stems from Romeo and Juliet and the writings of Shakespeare. A tale that starts with a double tap. We met on Instagram, purely by accident. Kimber found me (Sophie) on the popular page and started liking my pictures, which sparked my interest so I liked hers back, and nearly 5 years later, here we are, married, and moms to 3 dogs. 

Kimber found her dress from David’s Bridal and was drawn to the style because of its versatility. It had a short crop top overlay that easily could be pulled off to be a strapless dress. It also had a vintage farmhouse feel that fit the theme of our wedding. I (Sophie) found my dress at a boutique called Kinsley James in LA. I loved the off the shoulder look, and the delicate lace detail. I wanted something that would compliment not only me, but our venue and vision. 

Flowers were done by the incredible team at Grayce Floral! They transformed the entire venue into our dream. Food was Top Tier Catering who made a special exception to do our wedding as they only take on 2-3 weddings per year. We had filet for the meat eaters and eggplant and quinoa for the vegetarians. Our sister in law baked our cake and knocked it out of the park. And, how could we forget our incredible photographer who captured every precious moment between us?

Gurss Barn for rehearsal, ceremony & reception! The Gurss barn holds a special place in our hearts- it’s the place where Kimber grew up, where we really looked at each other and said “she’s the one.”

Our ceremony was very special. Our officiant was a longtime family friend who knew Sophie’s grandparents, who passed away a few years ago. We felt them there as we promised our love to one another. We also wrote our own vows which was a really beautiful process. 

The party. was. epic. Tammy from DJ to the Max was our DJ and she kept the party going all night. From the cha cha slide, to friends in low places, us, our friends, & our family were singing at the top of our lungs, arm in arm, having the best time.

We couldn’t have asked for anything more from Sara. She kept us calm when it was pouring rain outside just before our first look, she directed us perfectly while letting our personalities and love be the star of each photo, she was thoughtful, invested and determined. She is wonderful.

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“Never, ever go to bed hungry. Seriously. And also, find joy and laughter in the repetitiveness of everyday.”


Hailey and Adrian, Intimate Lubbock Texas Wedding

“I was 14 years old when I met Adrian, 16 when I started talking to him, 17 when we started dating and moved in together. 18 when we had our boys and built our first home together. And here we are now, 19 years old, married, happy, and beyond in love. ❤️

My dress was from David’s bridal. I didn’t go into it looking for anything specific, but as soon as I tried it on. I knew it was the one. 

Adrian put his outfit together himself. He got the shoes, vest, and pants from men’s wear house. He ordered the tie online and he got his shirt from JC Penny. 

I had prom at the castle my junior year and when I was looking for a venue I wanted something small and classy. Someone mentioned the castle to me and I thought it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding and reception inside. 

The ceremony was beautiful. Decorations were perfect. Better than I pictured in my head. My dad built the doors that I entered through which was very special for us because those doors were taken off of our house when we started to build it as our first home together.  

The party was incredible. We had so much fun celebrating with all of our friends and family. The DJ was awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves just as much as we did. 

Our photographer was amazing. Absolutely incredibly. It started to get hot outside, but she made sure that we got all of the pictures we wanted with everyone we wanted them with. She accommodated to all of the pictures we wanted and they turned out amazing. She has taken all of my big life event pictures from my sweet 16, to my senior year, my maternity pictures, my birth, my babies newborn pictures, and now my wedding day. Every single session she surprises me with her talent and never lets me down. 

My advice for couples would be to never give up on one another. Things get rough. Life gets hard. Don’t listen to the negative people around you. Don’t focus on the bad and wake up every morning choosing your partner over anything else in life. Be patient. Put god first and let the rest fall in place. “

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Lubbock Texas Wedding
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“wake up every morning choosing your partner over anything else in life. Be patient. “

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