The Arredondo Family / / Lubbock Family Photographer

Lubbock Texas Session-1246.jpg


This little family absolutely stole my heart. We had originally planned on a couples shoot for just the parents, but I am SO GLAD they ended up bringing the babies for part of the session. Those three babies were the best kiddos I have ever been around ( and thats saying something because I am around children allllllll day every day ). Raven is the epitome of motherhood. She is calm. She is patient. She is loving. We talked about how they couldn’t wait to have more babies and how much they would love it if they had twins again. She inspired me to go home and just slow down. I love when I take home lessons from people I meet, and I have truly been inspired by her as a mother. I have found such sweet friends in this family and I am so happy our paths crossed.